Career Profile

I write business software for small companies, from CRUD apps to data science toolchains. I was a devoted Excel junky until 2014 when I picked up Python. Since then I’ve concentrated on benefits analysis, SQL reporting and web apps. I’m an open source advocate, capable tech writer, and sincere customer servant. My aim is to leave the code cleaner than I found it.


Customer Success Manager

2018 - Present

I handled inbound support tickets, made educational videos, and maintained the docs for the company’s SaaS offering. I’m a moderator and regular contributor to the open source discussion forum.

Data Analyst

2017 - 2019
Iowa Fluid Power

I gave management the data they needed to make business decisions. This means writing oodles of SQL reports. We made charts with Excel for awhile, then Tableau, and eventually I wrote a web application that processed and visualized the SQL results automatically. That app uses Flask (web framework), PANDAS (data toolchain) and PlotlyJS (data visualization). I was also the back-up IT guy, sometimes tech writer, and Salesforce administrator.

Benefits Analyst

2015 - 2017
Acumen Advisors

I prepared benefit and premium comparisons for our customers, which sometimes included spookily accurate cost forecasts thanks to Excel and later, Python. The sales team dreamed up the analysis workflow from scratch; then I built and automated it. I trained my replacements in the new system and wrote documentation for future reference. I still consult on this tool and perform updates as needed.

Testing Consultant

2013 - 2015
Transamerica Retirement Solutions

Prepared statistical compliance tests and forecasts for qualified employer 401(k) and 403(b) plans. Cleaned database load files with bad foreign key references, joined non-homogenous data and summarized year-over-year changes. Communicated complex testing concepts to clients.

Customer Service Representatative

Transamerica Retirement Solutions

Answered customer questions about investment concepts, tax regulations, and paperwork. Guided customers through loan and withdrawal procedures. Maintained FINRA Series 6 license.

Skills & Proficiency

Python & Flask

Excel and Data Viz


Javascript & jQuery

Technical Writing